6 Ways How to Remove Jinn From Body

6 Ways How to Remove Jinn From Body
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6 Ways How to Remove Jinn From Body

6 Ways How to Remove Jinn From Body, “Allah Almighty created jinn first and humans later. Allah has created humans from clay. Just as soil is cold, in the same way humans are also cold in nature like soil. Allah has created the jinn from burning fire and extinguished ashes. That is why the nature of jinn is always warm towards humans. Jinn are considered more powerful than humans.

There are two types of power found in this world. Riddle: Good forces and other bad forces. Good powers help humans. Their pending work gets completed. And also solves all types of problems related to their life.

The same evil powers which include ghosts, spirits, witches, jinn etc. Today we will talk about jinn. Some jinn are good, but most jinn are bad and angry. There are 5 types in Islam. Whose names are- Shik, Ifrit, Ghoul, Hinn and Marid.

Most of them live in desolate places and in abandoned houses for many years. And some jinn also live in the graveyard. If a person accidentally comes to their place and commits some mistake, then these jinn leave their home and make their body their home. After that these jinn create many types of problems in the life of that person, he does not understand how to deal with all the problems.

Some jinn themselves come to the body. And some people, to take revenge from someone, send a jinn to the body of a Tantrik. In both cases the human being is harmed by the jinn.

Today we are going to tell you 6 ways to remove the jinn from the body. Whichever method you find easier, you can remove the jinn from your body forever by doing that method.

How to Remove Jinn From Body

Some people believe that a jinn has come upon them when they become slightly ill. But you should know that if a jinn has come on the body, then how can one know whether the jinn has come on the body or not. First of all, today we will tell you about this, how you can identify the jinn on the body.

6 Ways How to Remove Jinn From Body

Know about the harm that jinn inflicts on humans. When a jinn enters a person’s body, at first that person does not know anything, but as years pass, the jinn starts doing its work. His entire body is filled with such diseases, the cure of which is beyond even the understanding of doctors. No medicine has any effect on the body.

When you wake up from sleep, your whole body hurts. Your voice also becomes full. The body continues to feel tired throughout the day. Jinn causes anemia in a person’s body. A person’s body becomes so weak that he is unable to even walk. Jinn destroys the entire business of a human being. Starts fights in the house. Will make people enmity with you. Will push relatives away from you.

If a person has a jinn in his body, he keeps eating something or the other throughout the day. His mouth cannot be closed even for a minute. As an explanation, if he starts drinking the maximum amount of water, he can empty the water tank of the entire house. Such troubled people keep searching on the internet or YouTube how to remove jinn from body. Today its complete treatment is explained in this article.

  • Any member of the patient’s family can perform this procedure.
  • When the sun sets in the sky in the evening, you have to bring a handful of soil from the cemetery.
  • Now this implementation has to start at 11 pm.
  • Make the person who has a jinn inside his body sit in front of you.
  • Place the soil from the cemetery between the two of you. And chant this mantra 11 times.
  • The mantra is- Om Marid Jinnya Jagach Swaha 

As soon as the mantra starts, the person in front will start suffering. Your hands and legs will start dying here and there. It will start making different types of sounds. You don’t have to be afraid, and don’t stop reciting the mantra.

When the mantra is completed 11 times, his body will become completely loose. And he will fall unconscious also. You have to wake him up by splashing water on his face. After some time he will become normal again.

How to Get Rid of Jinn

The way you force someone out of his house, that person gets angry at you. Similarly, if a jinn is expelled from a person’s body by a Molvi or Maulana, then that jinn takes over that person’s body more than before. After that it becomes difficult for the jinn to come out of the body.

6 Ways How to Remove Jinn From Body

The house where the jinn comes. While he is laughing, the house starts getting destroyed. As soon as the jinn arrives, he starts destroying a person’s life. The jinn should be expelled from the person’s body as quickly as possible. Because if the jinn is on your body for 1 or 2 years, then it becomes very difficult for it to come out.

The way one person can do good or bad to another person. Similarly, jinn can also help humans or harm them. Those who do not believe in the existence of jinn should read the Quran and Hadith.

Because Surah about Jinn has been clearly mentioned in the Quran. You get messages on your email from many people asking how to get rid of jinn. Today I am going to tell such a prayer from Quran-e-Pak. After reading this you can get rid of jinn forever.

  • You can do this remedy any day, there is no special day to do it.
  • You have to bring 2 cigarettes as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • If a person who has a jinn in his body sleeps at night, a cigarette should be kept under his pillow.
  • And the second cigarette has to be kept on the roof of your house.
  • When you place the second cigarette on the roof of the house, you have to chant this mantra 7 times.
  • The mantra is- Allahumma inni auzubika minal hammi wal hazan
  • After that you have to quietly go to your bed and sleep.

Friends, this is the simplest way to drive away the jinn. If you are really troubled by the activities of the jinn, then try this remedy today itself, Insha Allah the jinn will quietly go away from where it came.

How to Get Jinn Out of The House

Jinn live far away from human habitation. And they do not quickly set foot in human settlements. But some jinn are mischievous. Which keep coming and going near human houses. And if there is a fight going on between mother and wife in a house. Or if it has been a long time since the stove of a house was lit, then these evil jinn consider that house as their home and take up residence there.

6 Ways How to Remove Jinn From Body

If you see splatters of blood in your house, the house catches fire on its own, or a very bad smell starts emanating from the house, then understand that your house has been completely taken over by a jinn. Some people get scared as soon as they hear the name of Jinn. If you feel that a jinn has taken over your house. And there are more problems and less happiness in your house.

But now you have no need to be afraid of the jinn. And now you do not need to go to any Molvi or Baba, today you can get the jinn out of the house with the method suggested by me. This action is applicable not only on Jinn but equally on all evil powers.

  • Any member of the house can do this.
  • Make the person whose jinn is possessed sit in front of you.
  • First of all, light 5 incense sticks and keep a glass of water in front of you.
  • First of all you have to start giving Azaan, then recite Ayatul Kursi 3 times.
  • After that read the last 2 verses of Surah Bakra. And finally blow into the glass of water.
  • Now sprinkle that water in all four corners of the house.

Quran is the real solution to jinn, the jinn starts getting angry at the name of Quran, so if you ever feel that a jinn or evil power has come into your house without inviting, then you can rid your house of jinn by doing this. Can be protected from.

How to Get Rid of Lover Jinn

Old elders used to say that girls should not come out of the house after the sun sets in the sky. And neither any kind of makeup nor open hair should be kept. And one should never apply any perfume on clothes and body in the evening. Because all these things attract the jinn.

6 Ways How to Remove Jinn From Body

But in today’s environment, small children and girls do not listen to their parents at all. And in the evening they go out of the house for a walk. And you all know the result of this, what happens in the end.

You must have seen your jinn in the story of Allahdin, that he helps Allahdin. However, you all should know that not all jinn are good, some jinn are ashik (lover) type. Who keeps his evil eye on every woman. If the jinn falls in love with a virgin girl, they do not allow her to get married.

Jinns make every possible effort to make their home in the bodies of women. And most of the time they also succeed in it. That’s why you must have noticed that most of them come in women’s bodies as compared to men’s bodies.

As days pass, the jinn takes the woman as his wife. Even marry her. And they also do wrong things with women every night. Today I am going to tell you the procedure to drive away such a lover Jinn from the body.

  • If a person who has a jinn inside him does not perform this act, his family members can do this act.
  • Take a recent photograph of the person who is suffering from jinn. That photo has to be kept under a Peepal tree in the Hindu cremation ground.
  • And after that pick up some half burnt wood from there and go straight to your home.
  • After that, whenever that person goes to take bath in the morning, he has to dip that wood once in a heavy bucket of water and then come out.
  • Now that same evening, after the sun sets, you have to keep the wood at the same place from where you brought it and return to your home.

By this action the jinn will start hating your body and your face. After this action the jinn will immediately leave you forever. And you can live as openly as before.

How to Remove a Jinn Attached to Someone

Often you see some people doing strange things, sometimes they start laughing and sometimes they suddenly start crying. Such people are affected by jinn. The first attack of the jinn is on the human mind. It destroys his ability to think and understand. If the jinn is not expelled from the body in time, then the jinn can even make the person mad.

6 Ways How to Remove Jinn From Body

Some people take help of Maulvi Baba to expel the jinn from the body. Maulvis blow on your water, and also make some taweez. But according to me, all these fraud babas are just sitting to earn money. Jinn cannot be removed from the body so easily. For that, this special action given by me will have to be done with full faith.

  • This ritual can be performed by any one of the woman’s brother, father, or husband.
  • You do not have to urinate after the sun sets in the evening. If possible, do it before then.
  • After that, when you urinate strongly, then you have to go to the washroom. And have to pee.
  • After that, after completing urination, you have to chant this mantra in your mind only 3 times.
  • keleem krishan Veeravirai Umphat Swaha

After performing this ritual the jinn will leave that person forever. And will never come back again. Before implementing this, you can talk to us through email of email, so that if you have any question from us, then we can understand you easily.

Dua to Avoid The Impact of Jinn

Some people are so foolish that they invite the jinn to befriend them. But it is the opposite. Instead of befriending the jinn, they become enemies. Jinn first affects the human mind. Makes him crazy in front of people. Although that person is not mad. Today I am going to tell you a dua to get rid of the influence of a 400 year old jinn.

6 Ways How to Remove Jinn From Body

Just as in the religion of humans, there are people of Hindu Muslim Sikh Christian community. Similarly, Muslim jinn and Hindu jinn are also found among jinn. Some people read verses from the Quran to ward off jinn. But by doing this you cannot get rid of the jinn. For that you will have to implement. Only then can you free your body from the jinn forever.

  • This execution has to be done on 3 Saturdays.
  • The time of implementation will be between 3 pm to 5 pm.
  • You have to take 2 proof cloves. Now revolve around the head of the person who is under the influence of jinn 7 times in a clockwise direction.
  • Whatever graveyard or cremation ground is near the house, go there and search for a dry tree.
  • Now you have to quietly keep those two cloves under that tree and go straight to your home.
  • You will hear a strange sound while coming home. You don’t have to be afraid, and don’t look back.

If the evil jinn has been troubling you for many years, then after performing this ritual the jinn will first run away from your body and then from your house forever.


Jinn is an invisible force, which humans cannot see with their eyes, how to remove jinn from boy, Because his face is very scary, even if you see the jinn for the first time, you may become unconscious for a few days.

The family members of any person who has a jinn inside his body should not be afraid of him but should stay behind him. That means that person should never be left alone. When he sleeps at night, you should also sleep with him without any fear.

Jinn are more attracted towards women than men. Therefore, every woman should not go out of the house at night. If necessary, go with your brother, father or husband. Man is only hungry for money and respect. But jinn are hungry only for human bodies. Therefore, one should avoid going alone to isolated or deserted places.

Jinn should never be taken lightly. Because jinn are very powerful. One small mistake of yours forces the jinn to take over your body. They do not leave one’s body quickly. Therefore, every person should keep praying to his God to be saved from jinn.

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