How to Call Jinn For Help

How to Call Jinn For Help
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How to Call Jinn For Help

How to Call Jinn For Help, “Friends, whenever you think of help, the thought of Jinn comes to your mind, then it must have come at least once. Because since childhood you must have heard the stories of aladdin’s magic lamp and the jinn that emerged from inside it. Some people keep searching on the internet about How to Call Jinn For Help. Today we are going to make your search easier.

The age of a jinn is much longer than the age of a human. In reality, the age of the jinn is more than 400 years. Jinn’s wife is called jinni. And their daughters are called devilish angels.

Before taking help from Jinn, it is very important for us to know about Jinn. Just as you cannot drive a bike or car without learning. Similarly, you cannot call a jinn and take help from him.

Where did the jinn come from, first of all we will talk about it. Most people associate Jinn with Islam. Because jinn has been clearly mentioned in the Quran.

But jinn belong to every religion. In Hindu religion, Jinn has been given the name of ghost. Whereas in the Bible, Jinn is considered to be the head of evil power i.e. Satan.

Friends, this world is made up of 5 elements, air, water, earth, Sky and fire. Allah has created man from clay. And he was released on earth. Along with this, arrangements have also been made for air and water for human beings to live.

The same jinn is created by Allah from fire. The jinn has been blessed with only the sky. The way humans spend their lives on earth. Similarly, the place of jinn is in the sky. And here Jinn lives with his wife, children and his entire family.

The food of jinn is fire. The jinn satisfies his hunger in the morning and evening only with fire. Humans do not have super powers. But Jinn has powerful powers, with the help of which Jinn can easily do anything to anyone in the world. That is why jinn are considered more intelligent than humans.

There are some people who become rich overnight without working hard. On the other hand, there are some such people also. Who keeps working from morning till evening. But still remain poor. No one helps those people. But today a jinn will help you. Man cannot go to the world of jinn. But jinn can come into the human world. You just need to know how to call the jinn.

How to Call Jinn For Money

In today’s time no person wants money. Everyone is running in the race to get rich as quickly as possible. According to luck someone gets more money. So someone is not able to get even one meal properly. In such a situation, some people think of how to call jinn for money. But they do not find any guru to guide them properly.

How to Call Jinn For Help

The jinn is a money making machine. Once you start it, no one can stop you from becoming a millionaire. Jinn will eliminate all your money problems from their roots.

Although there are many means to attain spiritual wealth, like lakshmi sadhana, kuber sadhana, apsara Sadhana, but the easiest and quick to accomplish sadhana is considered to be jinn Sadhana.

The name of the jinn who will come to help you today is Ifrit jinn. This is a muslim jinn. This Jinn was also with allahdin. Who used to do all the work of allahdin immediately. Whatever allahdin needed, he would rub the magic lamp, and the Ifrit jinn would come out of that magic lamp, and would fulfill all the wishes of allahdin. Today you have to summon Ifrit Jinn without any magic lamp and will tell you how to befriend him.

  • First of all you search for such a place. Where no one comes and goes.
  • You have to bring one and a quarter kg of any sweet and take it home in advance.
  • Now you have to go to that place with sweets at 1 o’clock in the night.
  • You have to sit on the floor and keep sweets in front of you. And a desi ghee lamp has to be lit.
  • You have to chant this mantra 41 times by closing both your eyes.
  • Mantra- Share¬†Shram Ifrit Jinn Prakat Hun Phat Svaaha
  • As soon as you have chanted the mantra 41 times, only then you have to open your eyes. As soon as you open your eyes, you will see a ifrit jinn standing in front of you.

Whatever work you ask this jinn to do, he will complete it within a short time. The amount of money you will need. You can order it from this jinn. Ifrit jinn will bring a pile of money in front of you. There is only one condition for this implementation, that you do not have to tell anything about this money to anyone.

How to Call Jinn For Help

Friends, do you know that jinn help only those people who are absolutely poor and whose pockets are always empty. People who keep falling due to troubles. To help them, Allah sends jinn from the sky to the earth.

How to Call Jinn For Help

When a person gets into trouble, even those who support him leave him. He becomes lonely. Everywhere he sees destruction in life. The brain stops working. When he goes to ask someone for help, people chase him away.

In the end he remembers only the one above. He thinks, why hasn’t Allah created the jinn, help will be taken from him. That’s why he calls the jinn. But there are some shortcomings in its implementation. Because of which the jinn does not come to help him and he becomes disappointed. Friends, to call the jinn, a special procedure has to be done. Which I am going to tell you today.

  • You can do this practice only on friday.
  • Friends, you have to buy a cigarette box from the shop.
  • You have to take out a cigarette from the cigarette box. And go to the rooftop of the house at 1 o’clock in the night.
  • Now hold that cigarette straight in your hand and say this mantra 3 times- Ya Zul Jalaali Wal Ikram
  • At last, you have to light that cigarette with the help of a matchstick, and after placing that burning cigarette on the ceiling, you have to come to your bed and sleep quietly.

As soon as you fall asleep, the jinn will be present in your room. The jinn will touch your feet and wake you up. You have to get up. And those who want to say salaam, namaste.

Now the jinn will tell you that I liked your gift. Now you tell me what you want from me. Friends, whatever help you need from Jinn. That has to be told to the jinn. Insha Allah your work will be completed the same night.

Friends, whenever you need. Only then you have to take out a cigarette from that cigarette box. And this has to be done again in the same manner.

How to Call A Good Jinn Islam

Friends, the way good and bad people live in this world. Similarly, in the world of jinn, both good and bad jinn live. The specialty of good jinn is that they help humans. Eliminate their sorrows. And protect them from upcoming troubles. Therefore, when any person calls a jinn, he calls a good jinn to himself.

How to Call Jinn For Help

On the other hand, the evil jinn keeps a wrong eye on women. Do wrong things with them. If the evil jinn sets its sights on someone, it destroys that person completely. Their house is made like a graveyard.

Friends, today I will tell you how to bring down a good jinn on the ground. I am going to tell you that today. So you have to do what you’re told to do.

  • Friends, you have to come out of the house after the sun sets in the evening.
  • Now you have to look for a suitable plant. When the Aak plant is found. If you go, you have to pluck a leaf from it.
  • Now that leaf has to be kept on the ground.
  • After that you have to urinate on that leaf. You have to chant this mantra only once while urinating.
  • The mantra is as follows- Kaleem Suleman Kaleem Marid Jinn Hazir Sho Sho
  • As soon as you urinate, you will see a marid jinn coming out from inside that leaf.

Friends, the name of this jinn will be married, which is a good jinn. This jinn will shake hands with you and become friends with you. Marid jinn will remain with you till then. As long as you remain alive.

How to Call Jinn to Fulfill Dreams

When any person is born on this earth, he has many dreams and aspirations in his heart. His entire life is spent in completing it. But his wishes and dreams remain unfulfilled.

How to Call Jinn For Help

Someone dreams of becoming rich, someone dreams of building a new house, and someone dreams about their career. But half his life is spent in fulfilling these dreams.

And in old age anyway the body stops working. In such a situation he thinks, why not call such an invisible power. Who fulfills his dreams in the blink of an eye. Jinn is the only one in this whole world who can fulfill all your dreams in a few minutes. Just know how to summon it.

  • Friends, you have to take 3 white candles. And go to a room in which there is complete darkness.
  • First of all, spread a red cloth on the ground and sit on it. After that light all three candles in front of you.
  • After that, you have to chant this mantra while looking into the candle flame, until the jinn himself comes and says stop.
  • Mantra Is- Salaman Kour Rabe Raheem Jinn Hazir Ho Hazir

Friends, the rule of the jinn is to give with one hand and take with the other. Jinn are very honest. They are true to their promises. If a jinn befriends you, he will never cheat you or lie to you. Will never bother you.

Whatever you ask from the Jinn, the Jinn will also take something from you in return. Friends, there is no need to worry, the jinn will only ask for small things from you. Such as sweet toffees, children’s toys, books, pens, sweets, chocolates etc. And whatever came out of your mouth in return. You will get it.

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