Top 10 Dua For Baby Boy In Quran

Top 10 Dua For Baby Boy In Quran
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Top 10 Dua For Baby Boy In Quran

Top 10 Dua For Baby Boy In Quran, “When a child is born in the house, there is joy in the house. Each other’s mouths are made sweet. Congratulations are given to each other. And an atmosphere of happiness is created in the house. Only allah almighty sends a boy or a girl to man in search of happiness.

The house where daughters are being born again and again. And if you are not able to give birth to a boy even after trying hard. Then today I have brought for you top 10 dua for baby boy in quran. If you recite even one of these 10 duas, the lamp of your house will be illuminated.

Those who do not have any children today. You can see the condition of those people, how they yearn to have a child. They beg from allah day and night for children. Therefore, whatever child Allah gives you, be it a boy or a girl, you should always be happy in them.

Allah has described the daughter as a blessing to the house. There is never any shortage of wealth in a house where there is a daughter. But some people keep giving birth to daughters in the desire of a boy. Eventually I get tired and start doing such bad things. Which is forbidden in Islam. At the time of birth of a son, people get the baba or maulvi to sift ilm on themselves.

People believe that if a son is born, he will become the heir of the house. Will be able to run the future generations. Will be able to serve and support his parents in old age. That’s why people prefer sons more than daughters.

Dua For Baby Boy

If only daughters are being born in your house. So it is the mercy of Allah, if you want a righteous son to be born, then the sisters will get their brother. Who will take care of them. And when he grows up, he will also take care of the responsibilities of the house.

Dua For Baby Boy

Today I am going to tell you top 10 duas, which will please Allah Almighty, and which will create a light in the form of a boy in your house. What this means is that you will be offered namaz by your son. After today you don’t need to wander from door to door. Because many types of blessings are mentioned in the quran, after reading which you can get a noble and good baby boy.

Today’s society does not discriminate between boys and girls. Both are given equal importance in the society. But still people go crazy after getting a son. In the greed of getting a son, they create 4-5 daughters in the house. Due to which they start getting worried thinking about the future. But now you won’t have to worry at all. Because the dua for baby boy a son has been mentioned in the Quran-e-Pak.

  • Only a woman who does not have any children can recite this dua.
  • You have to read Surah Yusuf 1 time anytime and anywhere.
  • Along with this, Surah Yusuf has to be printed on paper.
  • After that it has to be sealed in a black cloth and made into a taweez.
  • Finally, you have to thread the taweez in a black thread and tie it below the navel of your stomach.

Insha Allah, due to the effect of this dua for baby boy, you will have a baby in your stomach within 3 days. And after 9 months a beautiful baby boy will be born to your house.

Dua For Baby Boy During Pregnancy

After marriage, household responsibilities increase on both man and woman. The woman takes care of the household, while the man goes to work outside the home to meet the needs of the household. Both husband and wife together make future plans for their baby. But then it becomes a matter of concern. When they do not get the happiness of children.

Dua For Baby Boy

If there are no children in the house, it seems as if there are no crops on the land. There is no joy in the house without baby. Baby boy are the ray of hope for the parents. With whose support they are able to live their entire life.

When a woman conceives, the only wish in her heart is that god should give her only a boy. She also tries some home remedies and tricks by looking on the internet and YouTube. But let us tell you that doing something like this never results in a boy. Today I will tell you about one such powerful dua. Which is given in Quran e Pak. In which you have to dua for baby boy during pregnancy.

  • This dua is to be recited after offering Fajr namaz on Friday.
  • First of all, whatever Durood-e-Pak you remember well, you have to recite it 3 times.
  • Immediately after that Surah Fatima (Alhamdu Sharif) has to be recited 7 times.
  • And finally the name of Allah Ya Rabbana has to be read 303 times.
  • After this you have to turn both your hands on your stomach.

Friends, this dua has so much power that even those who are childless will have children. Just remember that this dua should not be recited during menstruation.

Dua For Conceiving Baby Boy

No one can know the pain in the heart of a parent who has no children. They always keep crying inside. And they keep praying to allah that allah may grant us a baby.

Dua For Baby Boy

There are some married couples who have been married for many years. But his house has not yet echoed with the laughter of baby. Even after seeing many doctors, the child is not able to convince.

Only allah tallah can support you in such a bad situation. If you make allah happy in some way, Allah will give you such happiness in return, which you cannot forget throughout your life. Today I am going to tell you the dua for conceiving baby boy.

  • You have to read this dua only when 40 days of your pregnancy are completed.
  • The secret of this dua has to be kept hidden in your heart. Don’t tell anyone about it.
  • You are going to bring 3 peacock feathers from the market. Because you will have to do this for 3 days continuously.
  • You have to get up in the morning before the sun rises. And keep a peacock feather on the navel of your stomach.
  • And this lovely name of Allah has to be said 70 times- Ar-Ra’uf
  • After performing the ritual for 3 consecutive days, all three peacock feathers have to be thrown into the river.

Friends, I have told this dua for baby boy to lakhs of people, believe me its results have been worth seeing. You can also take advantage of this dua.

Dua For Baby Boy Born

You all know that when you do not have a baby even after 1-2 years of marriage, your family members and relatives start taunting you. Even there are some bad people in the society who even call men impotent and women infertile.

Dua For Baby Boy

There can be many reasons for not having a baby boy. As if someone has imposed a ban on you not to have baby. And black magic is done on you. Because of which you are not able to have a baby boy for many years.

And remain worried about this thing day and night. The words spoken by people keep echoing in your ears every moment. Fights start happening daily in the house. Husband and wife accuse each other of not having a baby boy. I assure you that after today you will never have to worry about your baby boy.

  • Either the husband or the wife will have to offer namaz five times.
  • When your period starts, you have to read this dua.
  • When you go to bed at night, you have to initially recite Durood-e-Pak 11 times before sleeping.
  • After that one has to read 404 times Ya Musawwir.
  • And finally, you have to read his Durood-e-Pak which you had read earlier, 11 times.

Many years have passed since your marriage, and you are still unable to have a baby. I believe that after reading this dua you will definitely get a baby boy.

Dua For Baby Boy Birthday

After marriage, every parent’s dream is to have a child as soon as possible. So that he can celebrate his baby boy birthday. Could see the baby boy cutting the cake. Can see kid going to school. After working all day, we can play with the children at night. But if they do not have a child even after one year of marriage, then they start getting worried.

Dua For Baby Boy

People who do not have baby boy. They have to face many problems, such as from society, family, relatives, and themselves. The parents remain worried from the birth of the baby boy till his marriage. When children get married, the burden on a parent’s shoulders is reduced.

  • This implementation is to start from thursday.
  • One has to wake up in the morning before the sun rises, and do this with confidence.
  • A pregnant woman has to take 7 dates.
  • You have to eat one date while sitting on the bed and recite this wazifa once.
  • Ya Awal or Akhiru or Zahiru or Batinu.

You have to do the same the next day also. You have to do this for 7 consecutive days. From the day you read this dua for baby boy. Your chances of having a boy will increase significantly.

Dua For Twins Baby Boy

Some women want their enigma to be twins. Either twin girls are born, or twin boys are born. If the first child is born with twins, then the happiness of the house doubles. That’s why nowadays people want to have twins, they believe that the tension of having a child at once will be eliminated.

Dua For Baby Boy

Often you must have seen twin children, whose colour, shape and height are similar. And both are very beautiful to look at. If both are placed together, you cannot recognize them.

During pregnancy or before pregnancy, a woman keeps searching for tricks from books or the internet to have dua for twins baby boy. But still they do not get success. But now you don’t need to worry. If you use this dua, then Insha Allah you will be born with twins.

  • The time for this implementation will be from 1 pm to before sunset.
  • You have to bring as many pieces of white barfi as there are members in your house.
    And keeping the sweets in front of you, recite this dua 21 times and blow on the sweets.
  • Rabi La Tadiruni Fardan Vant Khair Alvarithin
  • After that, one piece of sweet has to be distributed to all the family members.

Insha allah your twins baby boy will be born before 9 months. After that you have to do a small task, that is to feed food to a hungry person every monday.

Islamic Dua For Baby Boy In Quran

As you all know, giving birth to a child, whether it is a boy or a girl, is in the hands of Allah. He can give the girl to whomever he wants. The boy can give it to whomever he wants. It is believed that a person’s actions come to earth as his children. Some people keep giving birth to girls in the hope of having a boy. And in the end he prays to Allah while crying, O Allah, please give me a son too.

Dua For Baby Boy

The solution to every problem of human being is given in the Quran. People just don’t understand it. And after deviating from the path of Allah, he goes to maulvi and baba here. There is a dua for having a son in the Holy Quran. As soon as you read this dua, Allah will feel compassion for you in your heart, and Allah will give you a beautiful gift in the form of a son.

  • This implementation is for only 11 days. And there should not be any gap between 11 days.
  • When your 2nd or 3rd month is going on then only you have to do this wazifa.
  • The woman who wants a boy. He has to recite Ya Maniu 99 times by placing the thumb of his right hand on the navel of his stomach every night before sleeping.
  • You can use a rosary for counting, so that there is no mistake in counting.
Dua For Baby Boy In Islam

In Islam, daughters are considered princesses of heaven. Often you must have seen such houses, where there are only daughters. There was never any shortage of money in his house. On the other hand, in a house where there are sons, there are always fights and conflicts in their house. And when boys grow up, those same boys throw their parents out of the house.

Dua For Baby Boy

In mostly villages, when a woman gives birth to a boy boy, the entire family approves of it. If they give birth to a daughter then they blame her only. However, according to research, man plays the biggest role in producing a son and a daughter.

Friends, you all must know that there are two types of chromosomes in humans, XX is shown as female, while XY is shown as male. If you don’t have any children. And if you want your first child to be a boy, then definitely try this remedy today.

  • This should be done only when the woman becomes pregnant.
  • This is a very easy trick.
  • So before sleeping at night, make a sign of X and Y on your stomach with a blue colored pen.
  • You have to do this work every Friday night before sleeping. And you have to do this remedy on 3rd Friday only.
  • The night you do this, you will not have to sleep with your husband. That means you will have to sleep alone.

This solution of having only a boy has been said to be the best and easiest in Islam. You can definitely try this once.

Dua For Baby Boy In Pregnancy

Another name for power is woman. Some such cases also come to light, when a woman suffers repeated miscarriages. You understand why this happens. Those who are not happy seeing someone’s married life, they bind the woman’s womb by doing black magic.

Dua For Baby Boy

Because of which you could not have a child. Unless your womb opens, your child will not be born. I have brought a better islamic dua for opening the womb. You can get the child of your choice just by reading it.

There are some fraud doctors who only give medicine to become a baby boy. They sell their honor for the greed of some money. All of you should avoid going near such people. You should have full faith in your God. And whatever you want to ask for, ask it from your Lord only, yes it will definitely take some time, but you will get good results from it.

People think that there must be a son in the house, who can carry the lineage forward. For this you have tried many things. But you are not getting the happiness of a son. In such a situation, you should read this dua with full faith.

  • You have to bring an earthen pot from the market. And clean water has to be filled inside it.
  • When you offer maghrib prayers, keep that pot of water with you.
  • After offering maghrib namaz, you have to recite this wazifa 41 times.
  • Verse number 70 of Al-Anbiyya
  • Wa Araadoo Bihee Kaidan Faja’alnaahumul Akhsareen

After reciting the powerful dua, you have to blow forcefully into the water pot three times. After that, whenever you feel thirsty, you have to drink the water from that pot. With this dua for baby boy, even an infertile woman will be blessed with a son.

Which Dua For Baby Boy

The most searched thing on the internet by women is which dua for baby boy. Today’s dua is going to change the lives of thousands of people. Some people consider themselves unlucky. They believe that Allah Almighty gave them everything, but could not give them a baby boy.

Dua For Baby Boy

It is said that as long as a person remains alive, his desires never end. If you are not getting married then you get married, if you are not having a baby boy then you get a baby boy, after that you will have to arrange for a car and bungalow to provide comfort and facilities to your children. That is why it is said that desire never ends.

People who do not have a child, wait for many years to have a child. But at last they give up and adopt the baby boy. Because they need someone who can support them in their old age. But after reading this dua, you will not need to adopt someone else’s baby boy.

  • Either husband or wife can recite this dua.
  • You have to start reciting this dua before pregnancy and one month before the child is about to be born. Only then Allah Tallah will give you a baby boy.
  • There is no fixed time for dua for baby boy. Therefore, read this Dua whenever you feel like waking up, while sleeping.
  • Dua Is – Ya Azizu

After reciting this dua, a moon-like baby boy will be born to you after 9 months. Whether it is a boy or a girl is all in the hands of Allah Almighty. He gives a boy or a girl to whomever he wants. You just have to keep doing good deeds and become an honest person.


Friends, there is nothing wrong in asking for something from your Lord in prayer. Similarly, there is nothing wrong in praying to Allah for a baby boy. When a woman is pregnant, not only the husband and wife but the entire family keeps expecting that a baby boy will be born.

Who will become the heir of his house. Every woman is worried about the fact that if she breaks the expectations of her family, everyone will taunt her.

Therefore, it is the duty of a husband to take good care of his wife during her pregnancy, this will make the birth of the child easier. And the unborn child will also be healthy.

On the other hand, if a woman remains depressed during pregnancy and works all day at home, then the child will be born weak. Therefore, it is the duty of every man to see his wife at all times. Fulfill his smallest needs before he speaks.

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